I Write Stuff.
About Fitness.
So You Make More Money.

That's pretty much the simplest, no spin, most hype-free headline I can think of. Because it's exactly what I do.

I take your unique vision, your brand, your training philosophy, your latest system, supplement or diet plan - whatever it is - and create bespoke written marketing that not only sounds like you…

…but bumps up the bank balance as well.

How Can "Just" Writing Make Me More Money?

"Just" writing is probably THE best skill you can ever learn. If you know how to persuade people with the written word, well, you'll never go hungry! Here's how I do it. Using a variety of proven techniques, methods and systems, I write in a way that is proven to improve sales, increase conversions and get people hooked from the moment they see the headline. You see, there is both a science and an art to this. The science part is me spending thousands of pounds on courses, mentoring and books. And the art?

Well, just like some people can run world record marathons, or walk onto stage at single digit body fat… this is my 'thing' (and, just like an athlete, I practice my skills). For HOURS… Every single day…

Fair Enough, How Do You Actually Work With Clients?

It all starts with a call. Skype, generally, although we can work using the best option for us both. We'll go through every aspect of your target market, and find all those juicy pleasure and pain points. This is where most people go wrong. They start writing, and just tell everyone how awesome their product or service is. And they think that's enough.

Don't tell me... that's been your exact approach. Hey, don't worry. I'm here now. :)

Here's what those business owners should really be doing (it's the secret skill which very few people ever get to grips with). They should be digging about, finding out what PROBLEM their target market is facing, and then writing to show how they (or their product) is the ultimate solution.

Whether it's a supplement or a spin studio. A bootcamp or a barbell. it really doesn't matter. I can find out exactly what you need to say to your audience to make them want to buy. And then write it for you. I'll need to suss you out, too; learn your voice, your style, and your brand.

After this, I retreat to my 'copy-cave' (actually quite a nice balcony overlooking the Channel, can't complain!) and come up with glorious words that are going to bring more customers to your door and convert more of them into hot leads. Oh, I'll also make your brand, products and services stand out and look amazing, too. It's all part of the service.

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I Am A Miserable Sod

Now, a couple of things I want to make perfectly clear before we go any further:

1) I am not an armchair expert - I have my own PT and Nutrition business that I built up entirely through my own copy and marketing. It's doing rather well.

2) I have been the force behind some big supplement brands, gym chains and 'faces' in the fitness & nutrition industry. I write for them, because I know how to sell, and they know how to do what they do. (Honestly, you'd be surprised if I told you who I've written for - but client confidentiality is important.)

3) This is ONE of my businesses - I do it because I enjoy it. If I can't get behind your product, or we don't 'click', I can't write in a way that makes you any money. No hard feelings.

And finally:

I ONLY work with 3 clients at any one time, and I'm not the cheapest option…

…but I am rather good

(... and modest, too)

Don't Want Sales Copy?

No worries, you've still come to the right place. If you are looking for amazing content, brilliant blogs and copy which keeps all those new clients engaged and part of your 'tribe', I have an amazing resource for you. She's called Nicola, and she handles that kind of content just as well as I do the sales stuff. You can get her by clicking here, if that's what your after.


  • If you want a sales letter that drags them in off the streets?
  • A website that converts like gangbusters? (... dorky web/internet marketing slang there - hope you like it)
  • A series of emails that gets your list excited about a product launch?
  • Adverts for newspapers that ACTUALLY work? The last one I did generated £24,565….
  • Landing page copy that compels them to click?

Then I'm Your Man.

What do you think? Sound like something your business could do with? Don't have the time to learn how to do it yourself? Then all you need to do is click on the button below:

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You'll be sent an application form, and you will hear back from me within 24 hours… unless I am angrily typing away in my cave or lifting heavy things. In that case, it might be a smidge longer.

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(also known as Dan, FYI)